International leadership in nursing

  • Ged F. Williams
  • Wilson Cañón Montañez


As the global community becomes overwhelmed by conflict, threat and scandal in many countries it is heartening to find that many of us can still find opportunity to give generously to the betterment of humanity.Recently we have both had our share of fun and excitement working and learning in various regions of the world, Ged in the Middle East and Africa and Wilson in the USA, The Netherlands and Brazil.We are often asked “how do you develop an international perspective”? The short answer is that it is an insidious accident sometimes, however like many things a deeper analysis reveals a journey that is often planned and other times blessed by unexpected surprises. However a sense of openness, generosity and adventure is always necessary to maximise every opportunity.Among other things, Ged allocated time to travel and to visit hospitals and nurses in other parts of Australia and the world, listening to people’s stories, dreams, and aspirations and providing reciprocal encouragement and fellowship, often through interpreters. (Rev Cuid 2013; 4(1):433-6).


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Williams, G. F., & Cañón Montañez, W. (2013). International leadership in nursing. Revista Cuidarte, 4(1).

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